welcome to my web page!!!

hey just so you know i'm like not done making this yet so expect like everything here to not work correctly or just be generally weirdly put together thanks

hello xiv people (you might not be xiv players but idk how else you'd find this?) welcome to my website

this is my little corner of the internet for my ffxiv character Frederica Kiseki, otherwise known as Ririka Rika (Ririka is her actual name she changed it at some point but i haven't published the ririka lore manifesto so y'all gotta wait for me to finish it and then edit it down) but you probably knew that bc if you're reading this i'm sure you were just such a big fan of me that you had to stop to say hello

tbh i'm kinda like, unsure what i'm doing with this website but i hope you enjoy your visit nonetheless. there's a guestbook you can sign if you just feel like using my page as a bathroom wall to vandalize just don't write anything offensive or overly gross please and thank you